Once a maritime superpower lauded for their dedication to exploring parts of the world never seen before, the southern European country of Portugal is still a powerhouse, drawing visitors from across the globe. From the gorgeous beaches and resorts of the Algarve to the urban offerings of Lisbon and Porto, this small country dazzles with charm and culture, and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cuisine and classical architecture.
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Capital City
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Cod Fish
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C, F I 230V ~ 50Hz

Cities & Regions of Portugal

Explore Lisbon

The Portuguese capital has won a legion of fans during its extraordinarily long history. Filled with pastel-colored homes, grand palaces and modern engineering marvels, Lisbon has a class it’s impossible to fake. Jump on its clunky trams and you’ll soon discover a unique cultural life ranging from bacalao to fado.

Explore Lisbon

Portugal’s second-city, Porto is intricately linked with port wine. It was this wine which funded many of the relics that make the city such a wonderful place to explore. Uncompromisingly beautiful, its riverside is awash with bars and restaurants. Food aside, Porto is also big on design, with no street without its own treasure.

Explore Porto
Explore The Algarve

Dream it and the Algarve has it. Whitewashed fishing villages clinging to the cliffs above tiny bays compete with all-inclusive resorts boasting miles of Atlantic beaches. Championship standard golf courses rival the region’s interior, which is perfect hiking country. And modern art vie for attention with impressive ancient remains.

Explore Algarve
Explore The Azores

The Azores comprise nine tiny yet dramatic dots of land in the mid-Atlantic Ocean. A place where myths are made, crater lakes separate small, isolated villages. Proud of their unique traditions, no two islands are identical, making a trip to the Azores a voyage of discovery in more ways than one.

Explore the Azores
Explore Madeira

Portugal’s enchanted isle, Madeira offers visitors some of the country’s most diverse landscapes. Streams tumble through subtropical forests, while sea cliffs line up above rare black sand beaches. Whether you come for the walking or the wine tasting, the flora or the fauna, Madeira goes beyond your usual island escape.

Explore Madeira
Central Portugal
Central Portugal

Rolling hills, colorful castles and picturesque fishing villages- central Portugal - the region sandwiched between Porto and Lisbon has much to explore. There’s the Catholic pilgrimage site of Fátima, the National Palace in Sintra, the picture-perfect fishing village of Cascais, and endless stunning landscapes and off-the-beaten-path gems in between.

Explore Central Portugal